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question about input.xml file


Why has the search service applciation section no similar database configuration options like the other service applications?
            <!-- <*DB> below designates the suffix portion of the database name. For example if your DBPrefix (above) was "SharePoint", and the name below was "ServiceApp", your full DB name would be "SharePoint_ServiceApp" -->
            <!-- If you are creating an alias (recommended!), <DBServer> is actually the value of the SQL alias; otherwise it's the NetBIOS name of the SQL server or instance. 
                 If you leave <DBServer> blank, the default DBServer value for the farm is used -->
            <!-- The script can create a SQL alias for you. Enter the DBInstance, and if you leave <DBPort> blank, script will assume default port value of 1433 -->
            <DBAlias Create="false"
                     DBPort="" />
Closed Jun 30, 2013 at 3:53 PM by brianlala


brianlala wrote Jun 22, 2013 at 3:21 AM

I just never got around to updating this for the search service app - will be in the next release though.


wrote Jun 30, 2013 at 3:53 PM

Resolved with changeset 101405: Changes in this release:

  • Changed default name of to avoid confusion with pre-existing config.xml files
  • Finally updated EnterpriseSearchServiceApplication node to match remaining service apps re: individual database server, name and alias creation
  • New function userExists thanks to Øyvind Nilsen (
  • Improved ValidatePassphrase function so it now checks object cache accounts as well as site collection owners and app pool accounts - thanks to numerous folks who suggested this improvement
  • Misc syntax updates in CheckConfigFiles function and elsewhere
  • Slight update to InstallCumulativeUpdates function to allow installing Foundation CUs (should you so desire, mostly for testing)
  • Split out Run-PSConfig function into two: Run-PSConfig and Check-PSConfig to make the overall process more resilient
  • Updated ConfigureFarm and ConfigureLanguagePacks functions to improve overall PSConfig experience especially when updates are installed after the farm has been created
  • Updated CreateEnterpriseSearchServiceApp to support new XML structure for search database server, name, alias etc.

wrote Nov 27 at 6:36 PM