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MatchComputerName is using Like instead of exact match

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Mar 30, 2017 at 3:34 PM

I am facing a problem with the PS Script that MatchComputerName Function is using like instead of exact match.
My case is that the naming of my web front end is W01sp16, W02sp16, W03sp16 (which are WebFrontEndwithDistributedCashe) and W01sp16s, W02sp16s (which are ApplicationbWithSearch)
So technically; W01sp16 like W02sp16s will equals to true! which causes a miss :-( I have quickly tried to remove the * but it stopped matching (It might be related to the fact that a Fully Qualified domain is added, my time is limited so i will not be able to troubleshoot & test this issue; has any body came across a solution?