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Portal website not working correctly

Topics: General Questions
Aug 26, 2014 at 7:07 AM

for developing I created a 3 server architecture in Hyper-V: AD, SQL Server 2014, SharePoint 2013 SP1. The AutoSPInstaller script runs trough perfectly, however I encounter a weird problem: the Central Administration and the Mysite are working and are also accessible from other machines.

But: the initial portal website has errors. If I set it 'http://localhost' (port 80) in the script it seems to work but the site isn't accessible from other servers (error 400/404). If I don't set it to 'http://localhost/' the website can't be displayed anymore.

What is wrong?

Some more information:
  • Web Application for 'Portal': http://locahost, Port: 80
    ---Site Collection: http://localhost
  • Web Application for 'Mysite': http://locahost, Port: 8080
    ---Site Collection: http://localhost:8080
The Central Administration displays this web applications:
  • SharePoint Central Administration, URL: http://sp2013:28551 (sp2013 = computer name)
  • Portal, URL: http://sp2013, Port: 80
  • Mysite, URL: http://sp2013:8080