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Correct Service Account for SPUserCodeHost

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Jul 25, 2014 at 7:59 PM
I installed SP 2013 with AutoSPInstaller yesterday and everything went fine. Today I restored a database and tried to deploy a sandboxed solution to the site collection solutions gallery but it failed on activation. The error in the ULS logs says the SharePoint Services account doesn't have rights to the content database. So, I vaguely remember dealing with this in the past on SP 2010, and I vaguely remember determining that the SPUserCode service needs to run under the farm account. However, AutoSPInstaller sets the SPUserCode service to run under the service applications service account, which doesn't have rights on the content databases. Since this script is amazing, I figure there must be a reason that it is setting the sandboxed code service to run under the service application account rather than the farm account--or is this an oversight?