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SharePoint 2013 (3.96) installer is non repeatable (IMO)

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Apr 27, 2014 at 9:49 PM

I am now seeing this issue a lot. I saw it similar issue
I am working on a live Oct cu farm hosted on windows 2008R2
If any reason I needed delete, then re-add a service application say Excel Services,
I have to execute the script n times ( run as administrator under sp_install) before the desired code path (2) is ever executed - see below
The spautoinstaller code seems to execute 2 paths for a script that never changes
  • path 1 - join the farm and simply open all web apps in a browser then stops ( and I weep!)
  • path 2 - accounts checked again for service applications and each service app is recreated if it does not exist.
Path 2 seems to run after say 5 times of executing the script.

I have output docs which I can share for both path 1 and path 2, and again the actual installer script has never been changed since the my initial live install . Be interested to know if anyone has seen this as well.