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Error in new 2013 version ASPI

Apr 4, 2013 at 10:32 PM
I downloaded the March 2013 version of AutoSPInstaller. I have tried it on two server farms and got exact the same error as follows,
  • Installing Prerequisite Software:
    • .Net Framework 3.5.1...Already installed.
    • Running Prerequisite Installer (offline mode)....Done.
    • Prerequisite Installer completed in 00:00:05.
    • SharePoint 2013 "missing hotfix" prerequisites...
    • Checking for KB2554876...Already installed.
    • Checking for KB2708075...Already installed.
    • Checking for KB2567680...Missing; attempting to install...
    • Hotfix file "Windows6.1-KB2567680-x64.msu" found.
    • Installing hotfix Windows6.1-KB2567680-x64.msu...Done.
    • Checking for KB2759112...Missing; attempting to install...
    • Hotfix file "NDP45-KB2759112-x64.exe" found.
    • Installing hotfix NDP45-KB2759112-x64.exe...Done.

- Checking for KB2472264...Already installed.

WARNING: 2013-04-04 16:58:25 - Error: Custom file location is not accessible

  • Script halted!
  • Review the log file and try to correct any error conditions.
    Press any key to exit...
It seems to me that the error happened just after the prerequest installation finished and before the SharePoint 2013 server installation started.

The same exact error happened in both of my server farms. Anyone had the same issue?

Thanks in advance,
Apr 5, 2013 at 8:04 PM
the iuuse has been resolved.
I need to download following files and save them to the PrerequestInstallerFiles folder