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SQL Alias and Shared Memory


Hi Brian. I just tested a SQL/SharePoint install on the same machine and had to fight with a SQL connection failure juste with create SQL Alias set to true. I checked the created alias and it is creating a Shared Memory (Other) alias because SQL is installed on the same box. I had to set the alias creation to false to finish the install. I looked this on Technet and MS states that you cannot create an Alias for Shared Memory.

You cannot create an alias using the shared memory protocol, but if shared memory is enabled, then connecting to the Database Engine by name, creates a shared memory connection. A shared memory connection string uses the format lpc:<servername>[\instancename].

and since Shared Memory works like this:

Shared memory is always tried first, and cannot be moved from the top position of the Enabled Protocols list in the Client Protocols Properties list.

there is no need for a 'other' alias I guess. Just a standard TCP/IP alias. Shared Memory will be used first if SQL is on the same box. I just tested it disabling all other protocols. SharePoint still works.