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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is there a friendlier way to edit the XML than good ol' Notepad/Visual Studio/etc.?
    • Yes - check out the new AutoSPInstaller Online. It includes real-time help/guidance, validation & smarts to avoid those "oops" moments during script run-time. We welcome your feedback!
  • Is this thing safe/ready/appropriate for Production?
    • It sure is! I've personally set up many live customer farms with AutoSPInstaller in the past few years. In fact it's even been used by organizations like CloudShare to create SharePoint VM templates. The standard caveats apply though: As the importance of your target farm increases, so should your level of knowledge about how to properly size, architect and build SharePoint. AutoSPInstaller does not mitigate this, it merely eases, standardizes and accelerates the process.
  • Does AutoSPInstaller support SharePoint Foundation?
    • Sort of. As of changeset 112238, AutoSPInstaller provides experimental support for SharePoint Foundation. As always though you should grab the latest release which supersedes this changeset.
  • Can I use AutoSPInstaller to install Office Web Apps 2013?
    • Office Web Apps 2013 (also known as WAC) is now a separate product which is not installed on the same server as SharePoint 2013. As it's technically-speaking no longer part of the SharePoint farm, and because of the complexity it would introduce, I've decided to leave Office Web Apps 2013 out of AutoSPInstaller for the time being.
  • What about the Request Management service (in SharePoint 2013)? Will it be included in AutoSPInstaller?
    • After a discussion with Spencer Harbar, it was agreed that it might be best to leave it out, as there can be some ramifications with provisioning it without full awareness of its intended use - e.g. by folks who want to blindly "turn everything on" in SharePoint 2013.
  • Where's all the #@)%#$ documentation??
  • My SharePoint server(s) and SQL instance are in different, untrusted domains. Can I use SQL authentication instead of Windows Integrated?
    • Although support for SQL auth in SharePoint (especially around things like the User Profile Service) has gotten better, AutoSPInstaller doesn't currently support connecting to your databases using anything other than Windows Integrated authentication. It certainly wouldn't be impossible to make the required modifications, but you'd have to do this yourself or reach out to the community for guidance.
  • I want to make a single/isolated configuration change to an existing SharePoint farm (e.g. provision a service application). Do I really need to re-run the whole script?
    • No - in fact you can usually just run individual functions to achieve what you're after by following the instructions here.
  • Does AutoSPInstaller support creating web applications that use Kerberos authentication (instead of regular NTLM)? Or can AutoSPInstaller configure SPNs, delegation etc. associated with Kerberos?
    • Kerberos usually requires special configuration by domain admins, so due to this and the complexities involved (and the combination of ways things can break) it's intentionally been left out of the master AutoSPInstaller project and won't be integrated in the foreseeable future. However there's no reason why anyone with the right knowledge (and permissions) could write, integrate and run custom commands/functions required to enable Kerberos authentication for SharePoint web apps created with AutoSPInstaller.

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jamesamt Feb 13, 2017 at 6:19 PM 
Does anyone know if AutoSPInstaller for 2013 will Configure an Environment for Apps for SharePoint 2013? Or are there other required steps?

mothinTheMachine Jan 25, 2017 at 10:06 PM 
I'd like to see an FAQ on how to integrate AutoSPBuilder with AutoSPInstaller. Any chance?


jlc699 May 22, 2014 at 2:49 AM 
Hi! I am trying to leverage the AutoSPInstaller to do a multi-tenant install. I am slowly (I am not a PowerShell guy) working through the scripts to see where I can add the "-PartitionMode / -Partition" perameters for multi-tenant. Would very much appreciate if you could point me in the right direction.
Thanks, regards.