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Installing SP2010 server on 5 servers. Query regarding remote install

Nov 9, 2012 at 1:52 PM



First of all kudos to the development team for such an amazing script. Thanks for putting hours of efforts to make life easier for other Admins.

I got a query regarding installing SP2010 server on 5 servers. I am doing offline installation with SP2010 SP1 and language packs. I got all the AutoSPInstaller directory structure on server I (one). I want to make Server I, II, III, IV and V as WFE, server III and IV as app server. Actually server IV and V are DR servers and wants to distribute service apps between server III and IV.

1) How do I ensure that all the prereqs, binaries, language pack etc gets installed on all 5 servers ?

2) How do I put WFE role on all 5 servers using the script ?

3) I've put server III and IV in the provision tag of the Service Apps which I want to install. But as server I, II and V are missing in these tags, how to ensure that the WFE roles does get installed on all the servers ?

4) Do I need to prepare Powershell on these servers for remote install ? I've enabled execution policy to Unrestricted. Not sure if any other changes are required.

Once I have success in installing the servers, I'll add further comments to my post to share my experience. I am still a novice in terms of Powershell and Sharepoint Installation. I'll highlight few instances where more comments/help in certain sections of the script could further help others.

Thanks a lot in advance for your help.