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I have been swamped trying to keep up with Discussion List items lately! Thanks to several members of the community who have stepped in recently to reply to posts and provide input.

Please search through the existing discussion items before posting in case someone has already posted/discussed/resolved. In addition, check the FAQ for answers to common questions.

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If you are reporting on a specific issue in AutoSPInstaller, please use the Issue Tracker instead so it can be properly tracked.

Note: If you happen to be using AutoSPInstallerGUI, please verify that your issue or question still pertains to manually-edited & verified XML, as I don't actually support or maintain the AutoSPInstallerGUI 3rd party utility.


Feature Requests
86 posts  |  Last Post: Jan 27 at 6:58 PM by brianlala
59 posts  |  Last Post: Jan 30 at 2:33 AM by spjeff
2346 posts  |  Last Post: Feb 24 at 6:25 AM by EricSchrader
General Questions
217 posts  |  Last Post: Today at 9:29 AM by westerdaled
258 posts  |  Last Post: Today at 9:29 AM by westerdaled